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It turns out Adam has actual pictures from his old band(to use the term loosely), and I stole them to put on this site. But to give proper credit where due, all pictures taken by Liz Hersee,yadda,yadda,yadda.......

But in case you were wondering what Lego Adam would look like, here you go:

Lego Adam Cool huh?

Adam Adam playing guitar

More Adam Adam and his guitar again

Adam, again Yup, more Adam

The HELL? As you can see, just more......what the hell?

Sorry, THIS is the picture I meant to use: Fecker

With Brendon at the Palladium gig, don't worry, neither of them every smiled like that at each other ever again....ever...

So as you can see, lots of guitar, little substance. Kinda like the kid himself.