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So you're here to hear about how my hair turned orange? Sorry, I just wanted to use all three types of "here" in one sentence. Anyways, here's how the band became...the band.

One day, after a hard day at work, I decided I deserve better than the life I had, and told my friends that we were going to get a band started and soon after we were to be famous and have lots of chicks and be millionares. Next thing you know, we were swimming in green! ...Then I woke up. I actually have no idea how we originally got started, in fact, there was to be a person named Tom Assatly in the original line-up, but that fell through. We have been an on and off band that just likes to get together and play, which is what I personally think a band should be all about. Not like some sell outs I know of. Currently, we are just working on covers and having fun walking to Andy's and doing other random things. With a band not as serious as us, you can just imagine what our songs are gonna be like. I now really wish I had something important to put here, but I don't so I'm gonna keep typing, why are you still reading? Go Away! Oh, I see how it is, you won't let a man have his personal space, I'll show you! you evil, evil person you! Hmm, sorry, anywho, our band started in Fred's basement and had to deal with such set backs as flooding and J.P.'s face.(ugh) Now we...wait a minute, we STILL practice in Fred's basement, and J.P. isn't any better looking, let me tell ya. Maybe some day people will listen to us. And hey, if you play a horn instrument (ex. trumpet, trombone) and like ska, come on by and we'll let you hang with us, even if you aren't good enough for the band(which I highly doubt) and you can experience the RoofTop RucKuS ways!