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Hey hey hey!

Sorry in advance, you can't go anywhere in this site. I am fixing it.

So it looks like Rooftop Ruckus might actually have a gig coming up. Hell, we might even practice now that Dave is home from Kalamazoo. I know that all of our teeny-bopper fans are very excited to see us in the battle of the bands, and nothing is as cool as hearing 14 year old girls gushing over our music, simply because they're the only ones that listen to it

No, but really, people are kind of pumped. They seem to think that we have major amounts of talent hidden under all of our plaid, so hopefully we'll start practicing.

This guy I work with said that ska died eight years ago. It should now be our mission to make sure that everyone knows it's still around. Or, we should make it our mission to PRETEND that it is our mission to make sure that everyone knows ska is still around. Well, at least we make the banana republic people of Stoughton happy.

Adam is going to send me pictures of the gig at the Villiage Pub, so hopefully those will be up soon. Oh, and now that all of the band members that are in the band are here, we can probably take a group picture. Although maybe writing songs should be our top priority...but then again, since when do we care about that stuff?

There's actually a new email address that you can send all of your fanmail to! Make sure to include your social security numbers, credit card numbers, and your favorite hobbies so we can successfully steal your identity. If you want the rest of your life to be a complete and utter credit failure, email No credit? No probalo! We'll steal it anyways. I mean, no we won't. I promise.

I'm going to fix this page one of these days. Like, extreme makeover Ruckus edition. You can punch me for that.